Tuesday, July 3, 2012


         Okay, so maybe calling Plan D a success was a bit premature. The day after I posted last Discord thought it would be funny to turn my computer into a balloon. It wasn't. I still think he has a good sense of humour, and he honestly doesn't seem to hurt ponies, but he seems to find it hard to tell the difference between a light prank and horrible acts. I've been there to help, and it has been working. He hasn't transfigured anypony in weeks. It looks like this is actually working. He's falling into a stable equilibrium, so we can calm down a little. Slim is...not good. He's improved a little since last time but, well, it's hard to say. He doesn't leave our apartment, he rarely smiles, and he is terrified of windows. I keep showing him that the thing is gone, but it doesn't matter. That sick monster traumatized him terribly. I'm going to try getting Fluttershy to be his therapist. She has a good way with ponies, maybe she can help him.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Plan D is a success

        So we have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that we pulled of Plan D successfully, and Slenderpony is gone. You can speak or type his name or draw his symbol all you want. The bad news is that the world will be a little...different from now on.

       You see, the problem with 'dealing' with Slenderpony is he isn't a living creature, he's a fact. He exists. So we had to bring somepony in who dealt with negating facts. You see, Princess Celestia was not the only ruler Equestria has ever known. Before her ruled a creature of pure chaos, Discord. The being can bend reality to his whim at will. His only weakness are the Elements of Harmony, which turned him to stone hundreds of years ago. He was actually going to break out anyway next year, but we stepped in. See, even though he's a stone, he's still conscious, and has been the whole time. Using a spell Twilight let me meet with him in his subconscious, where we made a deal. We would free him, and give him his own area in Equestria where he could reign unhindered. In return, he would immediately remove Slenderpony from existence, never harm a pony with his ruling, and obey all commands from Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, and the Bearers of the Elements. You see, he has to obey these guidelines because the Elements can turn him back to stone in an instant, and he can't harm the Elements or the Bearers while they are together, and even when separate he has limits on what he can do to both. He has assurance we don't want the arrangement to end as well, because if he is petrified, Slenderpony returns. The lesser of two evils and all that.

    His own domain, now called Discordia, allows anypony who likes the idea of an odd and fanciful life to move there whenever. I have to do so, because I'm his liaison from Celestia now. Lame job, but whatever. (Po-Draconeques with a good sense of humor him.) Slim's coming with me, because he isn't doing too well mentally. That Slenderpony really did a number on his psyche. I'm trying to help, but progress is slow. Well, I'll post again tomorrow to inform on how things go in this odd new world.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Computer jam fixed

       Oh thank Celestia. We were right. That...thing has been chasing Slim for weeks now. He was right on his blog, neither of our computers would work. He wrote that last post down, then left his home for a while to visit some friends in Canterlot. While he was gone I posted that note on his account. He have sent him out again so I can post. We got...a problem. Another pony was found dead. I never knew his name, but I heard he was a doctor. He had also been investigating the currently problem, but on his own. Slim says he saw it happen, but won't elaborate. It's time we put our hooves down. Enough is enough. We will not live in fear. Tomorrow we're all leaving for Canterlot, so we can execute Plan D. Hey, monster, if you're reading this, please, come with us to Canterlot. I'll post again when I can, we have to leave now.

Friday, May 25, 2012


        Yeah, so that post is about exactly what Slim said when Twilight and her friends all gathered into my observatory for a meeting. Everypony was shocked at first, except Twilight. She told everypony that since before I'd contacted her, she's been researching what might be doing this. By now she's narrowed it down to about three different...horrible monsters. When she described each of them, the first two had some sort of plan attached, something we could do to stop it. The third didn't. Her description was...horrible. The worst part is that the third creature has a symbol that has always been associated with it, the one now shown as Slim's cutie mark. Now we're pretty sure that's what we're dealing with.

         One of Twilight's friends (Her name has something to do with color and speed. I think.) immediately asked what had to be done to stop this thing. Twilight sighed, and explained that nopony had ever found a single witness or account of this creature being harmed, let alone defeated. She'd asked Princess Celestia (Yeah, apparently she can just write up the Princess with any problem whenever she wants. What.) and the princess said she knew of the creature, but had never found a way to deal with it. She just tries to control the damage it does, by limiting knowledge of it's existence. The only reason Twilight found out was because she has access to very restricted areas of the Royal Library.

       I spoke up then, angry. Was there nothing we could do? Would we have to just sit here while it toys with Slim, me, and Twilight? Wait for our deaths? Twilight replied that she did have a worst-case scenario plan. If one of us were to...die, and we still hadn't found any way to stop it, we'd Execute Plan D. (Plans A-C were scrapped pretty early on, involving bigger monsters and Celestia.) I won't type out the plan here, because this blog is being watched. But I will say this: I hope to Celestia we don't have to use it.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

He's back!

        I've been staying at the library the last couple days, only going to the observatory once a day to check if there was any sign of Slim. The second I saw his new post, I rushed over to my place and found him there. We hugged, I might have cried, and we just hung out for a couple hours, completely ignoring the topic of what happened. When he's ready to post everything on his blog, he'll be ready. I already contacted Twilight about this, and we'll have a group meeting tomorrow so he can explain a little better what went on.

Monday, May 21, 2012

No luck

       I've spent the last couple days doing several things. First thing I did after the last post was go back to Twilight's house and show her Mr. Creepy Kidnapper's post. She immediately went pale. She told me the jerk was threatening all her friends and herself. Since then we've been looking around town for any trace of Slim, and Twilight's friends have helped out in the search as well as stayed in groups of at least two to make sure Mr. Creepy Kidnapper doesn't strike again. Damnit! This is all my fault! If I had just brought Slim with me to Twilight's, none of this would be happening...Okay Mr. Creepy Kidnapper, listen up. Either you will return Slim or we will find him. Please make it the first (along with Scootaloo and Lyra), because if the second ends up happening, you'll be dealing with the Elements of Harmony, and if you're really unlucky, Princess Celestia herself. Make this easy on yourself: give up now.

Saturday, May 19, 2012


      Alright, I'll start from the top. After leaving the observatory, I had to ask around to find where the library was in Ponyville. At one point I thought I saw a orange filly staring at me from an alleyway, but when I looked again I didn't see anypony.

      So when I actually got to the library, I got scared immediately by the sound and sight of fire, followed by a flash of a scaly arm around the corner. I'll admit it, I screamed like a little foal. Then the dragon in question walked up to me, and I saw it was just a baby. I've only met like, maybe two other baby dragons ever, and that was in bucking Canterlot, so I was surprised to see one in Ponyville. I said I wanted to talk to the Librarian, and he called over Twilight. I gasped a little as I saw her, she was even more beautiful than I'd thought from afar. Our conversation, at least from what I remember:

Twilight: Hello there, how may I help you? Mr?
Me: Oh, uh, it's Shine. I'm Orion Shine. I just moved here from Canterlot about three or four weeks ago.
T: Really? That's interesting, I moved here from there just two weeks ago.
M: Yeah, I know, I was at the party that was thrown.
T: Really? I might remember seeing you there...So what do you do for a living?
M: Oh, I'm an astronomer.
T: Really? I love astronomy!  What abou-
M: Listen, I'd love to talk shop, but there's a reason I came here today, and it wasn't to talk to a pretty mare about the weather.
T: Pretty?
M: Yeah, anyway. Do you know anything about the recent string of disappearances lately?
T: You mean the face that Lyra and Scootaloo have been missing for weeks, and Bon Bon just turned up dead yesterday?
M: They're the ones involv-wait. You know about them already?
T: Yes. I'm Princess Celestia's apprentice. Dangerous things like this is one of the reasons I'm in Ponyville.
M: Oh. Well I new friend of mine was trying to find out what was going on, and it seems that there's this pony who keeps posting on his blog that might be responsible.
T: Really? That's very serious. Why do you think he is involved?
M: He keeps posting pictures of those who were taken in creepy filters, and leaving garbled and creepy comments that predict what will happen.
T: Well, that's interesting, but why not go to the Princess?
M: Because he's started harrassing me on my blog too now. And since the beginning I've been leaving hints that I...sort of fancy you. Then he asked me who I loved, and from how I worded my response he wants to go after you know.
T: Really?
M: Yeah. Here's my pmail address, we'll talk.
T: Okay.
M: Keep that baby dragon of yours around you at all times. Whoever is doing this, they don't seem to attack when people are in groups. Good luck.

         After that I left. I just got home now, and what do I find? Or rather who do I not find? Slim. He isn't here. I read his blog. The foal, he's a sitting duck now. Hurry up and get home Slim. We don't need another disappearance or death right now.