Friday, May 25, 2012


        Yeah, so that post is about exactly what Slim said when Twilight and her friends all gathered into my observatory for a meeting. Everypony was shocked at first, except Twilight. She told everypony that since before I'd contacted her, she's been researching what might be doing this. By now she's narrowed it down to about three different...horrible monsters. When she described each of them, the first two had some sort of plan attached, something we could do to stop it. The third didn't. Her description was...horrible. The worst part is that the third creature has a symbol that has always been associated with it, the one now shown as Slim's cutie mark. Now we're pretty sure that's what we're dealing with.

         One of Twilight's friends (Her name has something to do with color and speed. I think.) immediately asked what had to be done to stop this thing. Twilight sighed, and explained that nopony had ever found a single witness or account of this creature being harmed, let alone defeated. She'd asked Princess Celestia (Yeah, apparently she can just write up the Princess with any problem whenever she wants. What.) and the princess said she knew of the creature, but had never found a way to deal with it. She just tries to control the damage it does, by limiting knowledge of it's existence. The only reason Twilight found out was because she has access to very restricted areas of the Royal Library.

       I spoke up then, angry. Was there nothing we could do? Would we have to just sit here while it toys with Slim, me, and Twilight? Wait for our deaths? Twilight replied that she did have a worst-case scenario plan. If one of us were to...die, and we still hadn't found any way to stop it, we'd Execute Plan D. (Plans A-C were scrapped pretty early on, involving bigger monsters and Celestia.) I won't type out the plan here, because this blog is being watched. But I will say this: I hope to Celestia we don't have to use it.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

He's back!

        I've been staying at the library the last couple days, only going to the observatory once a day to check if there was any sign of Slim. The second I saw his new post, I rushed over to my place and found him there. We hugged, I might have cried, and we just hung out for a couple hours, completely ignoring the topic of what happened. When he's ready to post everything on his blog, he'll be ready. I already contacted Twilight about this, and we'll have a group meeting tomorrow so he can explain a little better what went on.

Monday, May 21, 2012

No luck

       I've spent the last couple days doing several things. First thing I did after the last post was go back to Twilight's house and show her Mr. Creepy Kidnapper's post. She immediately went pale. She told me the jerk was threatening all her friends and herself. Since then we've been looking around town for any trace of Slim, and Twilight's friends have helped out in the search as well as stayed in groups of at least two to make sure Mr. Creepy Kidnapper doesn't strike again. Damnit! This is all my fault! If I had just brought Slim with me to Twilight's, none of this would be happening...Okay Mr. Creepy Kidnapper, listen up. Either you will return Slim or we will find him. Please make it the first (along with Scootaloo and Lyra), because if the second ends up happening, you'll be dealing with the Elements of Harmony, and if you're really unlucky, Princess Celestia herself. Make this easy on yourself: give up now.

Saturday, May 19, 2012


      Alright, I'll start from the top. After leaving the observatory, I had to ask around to find where the library was in Ponyville. At one point I thought I saw a orange filly staring at me from an alleyway, but when I looked again I didn't see anypony.

      So when I actually got to the library, I got scared immediately by the sound and sight of fire, followed by a flash of a scaly arm around the corner. I'll admit it, I screamed like a little foal. Then the dragon in question walked up to me, and I saw it was just a baby. I've only met like, maybe two other baby dragons ever, and that was in bucking Canterlot, so I was surprised to see one in Ponyville. I said I wanted to talk to the Librarian, and he called over Twilight. I gasped a little as I saw her, she was even more beautiful than I'd thought from afar. Our conversation, at least from what I remember:

Twilight: Hello there, how may I help you? Mr?
Me: Oh, uh, it's Shine. I'm Orion Shine. I just moved here from Canterlot about three or four weeks ago.
T: Really? That's interesting, I moved here from there just two weeks ago.
M: Yeah, I know, I was at the party that was thrown.
T: Really? I might remember seeing you there...So what do you do for a living?
M: Oh, I'm an astronomer.
T: Really? I love astronomy!  What abou-
M: Listen, I'd love to talk shop, but there's a reason I came here today, and it wasn't to talk to a pretty mare about the weather.
T: Pretty?
M: Yeah, anyway. Do you know anything about the recent string of disappearances lately?
T: You mean the face that Lyra and Scootaloo have been missing for weeks, and Bon Bon just turned up dead yesterday?
M: They're the ones involv-wait. You know about them already?
T: Yes. I'm Princess Celestia's apprentice. Dangerous things like this is one of the reasons I'm in Ponyville.
M: Oh. Well I new friend of mine was trying to find out what was going on, and it seems that there's this pony who keeps posting on his blog that might be responsible.
T: Really? That's very serious. Why do you think he is involved?
M: He keeps posting pictures of those who were taken in creepy filters, and leaving garbled and creepy comments that predict what will happen.
T: Well, that's interesting, but why not go to the Princess?
M: Because he's started harrassing me on my blog too now. And since the beginning I've been leaving hints that I...sort of fancy you. Then he asked me who I loved, and from how I worded my response he wants to go after you know.
T: Really?
M: Yeah. Here's my pmail address, we'll talk.
T: Okay.
M: Keep that baby dragon of yours around you at all times. Whoever is doing this, they don't seem to attack when people are in groups. Good luck.

         After that I left. I just got home now, and what do I find? Or rather who do I not find? Slim. He isn't here. I read his blog. The foal, he's a sitting duck now. Hurry up and get home Slim. We don't need another disappearance or death right now.

Oh ponyfeathers

        We might be in trouble everypony. Tonight, I was about to go to bed, but when I checked the blog I found a comment under my last post. Mr. Creepy Hacker knows the name of the mare I want to ask out. Since he already said it, yeah, it's Twilight Sparkle, resident librarian of Ponyville. I haven't told Slim yet, he's asleep right now. Either he'll figure it out on his own when he wakes up, or if he doesn't by the time I wake up, I'll tell him. This crazy pony might try to strike at me through her, and keeping this up without her knowledge is wrong. We'll talk it over, but I want to get her involve. Knowledge is power, and right now, a librarian could really help us out. Night.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Things are going alright

       (Insert title of post here.) Yeah, Slim seems to be doing pretty well now. While I was working last night he slept, and when I woke up this morning I found him using his computer with my ponynet connection. He was watching something on that new streaming TV service. He said it was called, Firefly. I started watching it too, and Celestia is it good! It actually gets a lot of stuff from science right! After that we tried to discuss what's going on, especially the last few comments on my blog my his stalker. We've kept a tight watch on his computer, and nopony went near it, despite comments being left. Somepony is accessing his account. He wanted to know who the unicorn was I mentioned. I won't type her name on here, so I can at least try and protect her from the jerk bucking with Slim. Considering a rumor I heard the other day about what she did to the pony who made the night extra long the other week and...I don't know how much protection she would need. Well, back to Firefly.

Thursday, May 17, 2012


      Hey everypony. Sorry for not updating for a couple days, but I've been busy with work. I thought I had discovered a new star, but it turned out to be something reflecting off a pegasus sleeping on a high altitude cloud. Silly me. Anyway, I was waking myself up today (Took a while, two all-nighters in a row), turned on my computer, started checking my favorite sites, and then WHAM! Slim comes busting through the door to my observatory (Look, I spelled it right for once!), slams it shut, then just sat there. It scared the becelestia outta me. I jumped away from my desk, hid under it, then noticed the pony wasn't very threatening. In fact, Slim was paler than usual, breathing really heavy, and his mane was standing on end. I walked over to check on him, and he told me everything that happened on the way over. I sat listening hard, then when he was done I asked if he was hungry. His groaning stomach responded for him, then I went to my tiny kitchen and made some boiled noodles with butter. (Yeah, not much of a cook.) We talked a bit afterwards, just random chitchat really, then I made his cot and came over here to post this. Post tomorrow.

     Huh. That's odd. I swore I hit post like seven hours ago...Goodnight everypony!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Not much

      So, like I told that Slim pony, I went around asking about an orange filly. I wasn't making much headway, but then I asked this little unicorn with no Cutie Mark. Her coat was white and her mane was a darkish purple. I think her name was Sour Bell or something. Anyway, when I asked about the filly, she gasped and started crying. Apparently the kid's name (which was so weird I wrote it down to make sure I got it write) is Scootaloo, and she went missing about two weeks ago. The two were pretty good friends. Before she disappeared, she mentioned Scootaloo being really jumpy and nervous, always looking at certain areas with a horrified expression on her face. Then, one day, she didn't show up for school. I told her a pony I knew had seen her around several times. She was ecstatic, and said she'd go search the Everfree Forest again. I don't like the sound of that, a small filly investigating in that terrible place, but I'm not her mom, so I didn't stop her. Something is going on here. That Slim pony is apparently looking for a place to stay while all this happens, so I invited him over to my observatory. Might have to change the title of this blog, huh? Oh who cares, I have no views anyway. Until next time imaginary readers.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Nothing much to type

    This will be a quick post, because nothing’s really happened since yesterday. It’s just that after I posted I remembered something important! I found this blog of somepony here in town, Thin Hooves I believe his name was, and he seems to be in quite the situation. During the Summer Sun Celebration (The same night I met, uh, that mare.), his friend went missing and he woke up eight days later! This may have something to do with that fiasco I heard about. The same night as this somepony kidnapped Princess Celestia and that night lasted quite a long time. I was not present myself, you must understand, because after that mare’s welcome party I went home the observatory to record that night’s data. I had already pulled an all-nighter the day before, so I barely got any work done before I conked out. But yes, this fellow and his blog. I’ve posted there because I seem to remember seeing his friend around town. She was a weird one. Nice, but very odd. Who knows? Maybe she’ll turn up any day now. Oh! And just yesterday he mentioned this young filly, and even had a picture. She also looked a bit familiar, so I'm going to ask some fillies her age tomorrow and see if I can find out her identity.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

First post

        Hello there. My name's Orion Shine. I guess I'll start off this mess of an idea by talking a tad bit about myself. I was born and grew up in Canterlot, and at a young age found an affinity for Astronomy. (The best science there is! Take that Biology!) After discovering a new star in the sky, the Princess gave me a free ride through school. I graduated last year, not exactly not of my class but that isn't what counts! What counts is that I graduated! Ahem. She then gave me the assignment of running the newly built observitory on the outskirts of Ponyville. (The sky is much clearer out her, making it much better for stargazing.) It's been about a month since I've moved in, and I've already made...okay, I might have made one friend. Thanks to a certain, how should I say, hyper pony, I know most people in town now. (It took the better part of three days to clean up after that party though.) About a week ago somepony else moved into town, and I briefly saw her at her party. She was very, uh, nice. Yes. Anyway, that about raps up the story of my sad little life. I'm only writing this blog because it helps to vent out my feelings, even if nopony will actually read this but me.