Saturday, June 16, 2012

Plan D is a success

        So we have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that we pulled of Plan D successfully, and Slenderpony is gone. You can speak or type his name or draw his symbol all you want. The bad news is that the world will be a little...different from now on.

       You see, the problem with 'dealing' with Slenderpony is he isn't a living creature, he's a fact. He exists. So we had to bring somepony in who dealt with negating facts. You see, Princess Celestia was not the only ruler Equestria has ever known. Before her ruled a creature of pure chaos, Discord. The being can bend reality to his whim at will. His only weakness are the Elements of Harmony, which turned him to stone hundreds of years ago. He was actually going to break out anyway next year, but we stepped in. See, even though he's a stone, he's still conscious, and has been the whole time. Using a spell Twilight let me meet with him in his subconscious, where we made a deal. We would free him, and give him his own area in Equestria where he could reign unhindered. In return, he would immediately remove Slenderpony from existence, never harm a pony with his ruling, and obey all commands from Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, and the Bearers of the Elements. You see, he has to obey these guidelines because the Elements can turn him back to stone in an instant, and he can't harm the Elements or the Bearers while they are together, and even when separate he has limits on what he can do to both. He has assurance we don't want the arrangement to end as well, because if he is petrified, Slenderpony returns. The lesser of two evils and all that.

    His own domain, now called Discordia, allows anypony who likes the idea of an odd and fanciful life to move there whenever. I have to do so, because I'm his liaison from Celestia now. Lame job, but whatever. (Po-Draconeques with a good sense of humor him.) Slim's coming with me, because he isn't doing too well mentally. That Slenderpony really did a number on his psyche. I'm trying to help, but progress is slow. Well, I'll post again tomorrow to inform on how things go in this odd new world.

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