Tuesday, July 3, 2012


         Okay, so maybe calling Plan D a success was a bit premature. The day after I posted last Discord thought it would be funny to turn my computer into a balloon. It wasn't. I still think he has a good sense of humour, and he honestly doesn't seem to hurt ponies, but he seems to find it hard to tell the difference between a light prank and horrible acts. I've been there to help, and it has been working. He hasn't transfigured anypony in weeks. It looks like this is actually working. He's falling into a stable equilibrium, so we can calm down a little. Slim is...not good. He's improved a little since last time but, well, it's hard to say. He doesn't leave our apartment, he rarely smiles, and he is terrified of windows. I keep showing him that the thing is gone, but it doesn't matter. That sick monster traumatized him terribly. I'm going to try getting Fluttershy to be his therapist. She has a good way with ponies, maybe she can help him.

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